Puppy and Litter PhotoShoots


Puppies grow up very fast, and documenting your dog's early days is vital to save those happy memories (i.e. the ones of them looking sweet, not the "accidents" and chewing!).  I can photograph your playful puppy once he or she has arrived home or, if you have bred a litter, I can document their earliest days.


Purchase a Puppy PhotoShoot, and you will earn a 10% discount on all subsequent shoots for that dog - an ideal way to document your perfect puppy growing up into a handsome hound.


Puppy PhotoShoot (for your new (eight weeks plus) puppy):

I will come to your home and photograph your puppy both having fun and relaxing after play. I won't stress your puppy by pushing him or her into formal poses - the shoot will be lots of fun for both you and your puppy. 

A shoot lasts a minimum of an hour (I won't clockwatch) and includes the following:

Travel within 20 miles of Great Malvern. (Extra charged at 40p per mile)
Processing and editing of photos.
A 9"x 6" or 8"x6" print of your choice. 
Access to on-line gallery of photos from where you can purchase further prints or artwork. 


I always come to a shoot equipped with plenty of dog treats, but do feel free to provide your own if you prefer. Please have your puppy's favourite toy available, groom your puppy beforehand and also clean his or her eyes.


Litter PhotoShoots:

Let me document your puppies growing up on a week to week basis until they leave for their new homes, from little pink noses looking for the milk-bar to newly opened blue eyes and then their first play in the garden. I have photographed puppies from one day old and am sensitive to their needs and those of their mother. Please contact me to discuss your exact requirements.