Malvern Phodography | Testimonials

Feedback from Customers

"You have a gift, you take beautiful photos. Yours are the best grasstrack photos I have seen."


"They are simply marvellous!  WHAT a gorgeous collection of pictures, thank you so much!"


"The photos are fantastic!"


"I just wanted to thank you so much for all these brilliant photos - they're really amazing and such a lovely reminder of the day!"


"Sue Dudley takes wonderful pictures of dogs and wildlife; she traps the excitement of the moment with pin-point sharpness. In a similar way, she captures their personality (or should that be doganality?), often with their head cocked to one side as she catches their attention. Part of her success comes from getting 'down and dirty', lying flat on the ground with her elbows in the mud to picture the dogs at their own level, but the rest comes from her obvious love of the animals and immaculate photographic technique. After showing us these portraits Sue took us to the wider world of birds, insects and flowers. She showed us birds in flight, insects in almost microscopic detail (even to droplets of moisture trapped in their fur) and flowers so close up that they become abstracts. Most of us have had a go at getting these sorts of pictures but few of us have her level of success. Fortunately she gave us lots of good advice - we shall all be coming home with mud-encrusted clothes." Ladbroke Photography Club, April 2014 following a talk


"I wanted to publicly say thank you for such a beautiful photo of my boy. You have just captured him perfectly with a little glint in his eye! It hasn't always been easy for him and he is just now in the last few months started enjoying good health and happiness and that is reflected in the photo!



"Thank you SO much Sue. The colours and the clarity are just brilliant and I think you are very talented."


"Sue has captured Hamish's personality absolutely and I am delighted with the finished photographs. This has made a wonderful birthday present. Thank you so much"


"I just wanted to let you know that we have just purchased a large canvas print of your photograph  "The Hills in Winter" and we are SO thrilled with it.  Living in Malvern we wanted a picture that captured the very essence of the hills as we are putting it on the bedroom wall and will wake up to it every morning.  It was supposed to be a joint Christmas present, but we can't wait to hang it!"


"The photographs are beautiful and you have really brought out the best in my two."


"They are all amazing photos, and at such short notice, too!"


"I love the photos, they are amazing!  I just couldn't stop looking at them!"

"I want to thank you for the wonderful photos; I am very, very pleased with them.  I can't believe how much you brought out his character!"